Richard Parkes Bonington

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Richard Parkes Bonington, born October 25, 1802 near Nottingham, died 23 September1 1828 in London, is a British romantic landscape painter.

Despite a brief career, he was one of the most influential english painters of his time. His technical mastery inspired by Flemish and Venetian masters and his modern style are expressed in works with striking atmospheric qualities, which compare favorably with those of Turner and John Constable. The largest collection of works by Bonington are exposed in London at the Wallace Collection.

Richard Parkes Bonington

La Ferté

This work establishes the connection between the French and English painting traditions. It probably depicts the estuary of the river Somme, on the French coast of Picardy. A hamlet on the outskirts of the small port of Saint-Valéry-sur-Somme, 'La Ferté' offered wide unspoilt views and was a favourite sketching spot for Bonington and his painting...
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