Luis Meléndez

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Luis Meléndez (Naples, 1716-Madrid, 1780). Spanish painter, born in Italy. He was a student of Louis-Michel van Loo, coming to dominate the technical background of the portrait, as evidenced by its magnificent Self-Portrait (Musée du Louvre). He went to Italy and returned to Spain, where he worked initially as a miniaturist, but his major role was developed in still life, becoming one of the most important painters of still lifes in the history of the genre.

Melendez paintings, are usually of great sobriety and are executed with a strength of drawing and a perfectionist realism that reaches to the smallest detail.

Sometimes called 'the Spanish Chardin', his production lacks the lyrical impulse of the works of the French, more exquisitely diversified. Melendez is an expert in the treatment of surfaces, showing a remarkable ability to give an idea of ​​the qualities of things: fruit, ceramics, glass, cork, textiles, metal or stone. In some canvases he introduces the landscape background getting closer to the Neapolitan still lifes.

Luis Meléndez


Portrait of the artist holding an academic study. This self-portrait was painted in 1746, a year after the artist had received a first prize of the Academy of San Fernando, then being created. Forced to leave the academy after a quarrel, Meléndez devoted therefore to still lifes. 1746, Musée du Louvre
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