Edward Hicks

Edward Hicks - Large Format Fine Art Prints and Reproductions

Edward Hicks was an American painter, born April 4, 1780 in Attleborough, died August 23, 1849 in Newtown, near Philadelphia.

Hicks joined the Quakers and devoted for many years all his energy to his preacher activity. During his lifetime, he is mainly renowned for his pastoral activity.

Hicks is among "primitive" Americans. His naive paintings represent farms and landscapes in Pennsylvania and New York states. But he is best known for his many paintings of the Kingdom of Peace. He probably painted over a hundred versions, of which about 25 have survived. This theme illustrates the Hicks belief in a Pennsylvania, Quaker state, fulfilling the prophecy of Isaiah that announced the reign of justice and peace among men and animals. William Penn and other quakers are represented on the left of the painting, concluding the treaty with the Indians, while the beasts described by Isaiah, and playing children among them, are gathered on the right. The landscape, people and animals make up a charming and strange vision of quaker ideas.

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