Frants Henningsen

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Frants Henningsen (1850–1908) was a Danish painter, illustrator and professor.

Despite his studies under Bonnat, he remained a rather traditional, though diligent and careful artist, portraying everything from portraits, genre works, and landscapes to animal paintings and illustrations. His painting of En Begravelse (A Funeral) (1883) shows how he had mastered the use of colour from the Spanish school, for example Diego Velázquez. His dark tones and a deep, dull black are not unlike Édouard Manet and the early works of Krøyer. His interest in compassion rather than beautification can be seen in his masterpiece of an abandoned mother in Forladt. Dog ej af Venner i Nøden (Abandoned. But Not by Friends in Need).

Frants Henningsen

A funeral

1883, Statens Museum for Kunst
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