John Constable

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John Constable (11 June 1776 in East Bergholt, Suffolk, England - March 31, 1837 in London, England) was a British landscape painter of the nineteenth century His skies are particularly vibrant and make him a precursor of Impressionism. A specialist of skies, he studies them as "the most elusive phenomena of the world". According to him, "Painting is a science, and it should be a constant search for the laws of nature. Although he received extensive training in the study of painting and its techniques he sees this as a truth of second hand: "Whenever I am preparing to make a sketch from nature, I try to forget I ever saw a picture" In 1824, the " Salon de Paris" exhibited some works by Constable. Thus Constable influenced Millet and the painters of the Barbizon school and the school of Crozant. He was elected member of the Royal Academy on February 10, 1829.

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