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Suzanne Valadon (1865-1938), pseudonym of Marie-Clémentine Valadon, was a French painter. She was the mother of painter Maurice Utrillo.

Her solid beauty catched the eye of artists and she became their model, she observed them while posing, and so she learned their techniques. Model of Pierre Puvis de Chavannes, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, she builded relationships with some. She used to be a regular patron of the bars of Montmartre where the Parisian bourgeoisie comes slumming, Toulouse-Lautrec, during this period, painted her portrait titled Gueule de bois.

Edgar Degas (she has never posed for him, despite what is often said), noting the lively lines of her drawings and paintings, encouraged her efforts. She finds success during her lifetime and managed to shelter from financial difficulties of her youth, catering to her son, named at birth Maurice Valadon, which will take only later the family name of Miguel Utrillo, his presumed father.

Suzanne Valadon painted still lifes, bouquets and landscapes outstanding by the force of their composition and vibrant colors. She is also known for her nudes. Her first exhibitions in the early 1890s primarily comprised portraits, including the one of Erik Satie with whom she had a relationship in 1893.

Suzanne Valadon

The violin case

1923. Paris, musée d'Art moderne
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