Filippo Lippi

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Fra Filippo Lippi, known as Fra Filippo del Carmine (born in Florence in 1406 and died October 9, 1469 in Spoleto) was an Italian painter of the early Renaissance. Fra Filippo Lippi was first influenced by Lorenzo Monaco and especially Masaccio whom he could see work in Carmel convent in Florence, because he regularly visited the Brancacci chapel where Masaccio worked with Masolino da Panicale. Later, he met Fra Angelico who exercised, in turn, influence on his art. Fra Filippo Lippi is known for its numerous depictions of the Virgin. They are famous for the elegant silhouettes and fine facial features. In 1438, he entered the service of the Medici, works mainly for Cosimo de 'Medici, but also for his son Pedro I de' Medici (called "the gout") that help to forget its existence deemed too dissolute by religious authorities He was the master of Botticelli who entered his studio in 1465 and later teached the son of Filippo, the young Filippino Lippi.

Filippo Lippi

Seven Saints

1440, Church of the Badia, Florence, Italy
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