August Macke

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August Macke (born January 3, 1887 in Meschede (North Rhine-Westphalia), died on 26 September 1914 in Perthes-lès-Hurlus) was a German expressionist painter. In 1906, Macke left the academy, he said, has nothing more to teach him, and discovered in 1907 the "modern French" Impressionism. This discovery changes his perception of life and painting. He went several times to Paris to see the works of Édouard Manet, Degas, Toulouse-Lautrec, Seurat, Pissarro. At the end of 1909, Macke, an admirer of Cézanne painted two portraits of his wife "Wife of the artist with hat" and "Portrait with apples" in which we find, in addition to the influence of Cézanne, the influence of the principles of composition of "Fauves" whose main representatives were Henri Matisse, André Derain, Maurice de Vlaminck, Raoul Dufy and Kees van Dongen. During a short trip to Tunisia with Paul Klee and Louis Molliet he painted many watercolors and took many photographs that will serve as a support thereafter for other oil paintings. His last painting, "Farewell", has a prophetic dimension. Macke is mobilized August 8, 1914. He died on the battlefield in Champagne on September 26, 1914, at the age of 27.

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